Many business owners face litigation in today's world. From angry customers demanding redress for a perceived wrong, to another business failing to keep their commitments, we are surrounded by legal issues that must be faced. Business owners are stretched thin as it is and are often barely coping with the duties of running their company and making it as profitable as possible. When you are facing such issues, allowing our firm to aggressively represent your interests will allow you to concentrate on the important matters of your business.

If you find that you have suffered a setback due to unscrupulous business dealings by another, our firm can help protect your rights through legal means. Whether you have a business partner or contractor who has breached a contract or are involved in a commercial real estate deal gone bad, our firm is committed to protecting your rights and pursuing litigation that is designed to seek a favorable settlement. Don't allow a serious legal issue to ruin your business or distract you from a successful business venture.

While many people stuck in civil litigation believe that they are capable of resolving the issue on their own, they are commonly faced with difficult decisions that can result in negative consequences. In any civil litigation matter, it is always important to retain the services of a seasoned lawyer. Without legal representation, you may fail to find a favorable outcome; instead you may find a dismal result that can produce unfortunate circumstances for you, your family, and your company.

With years of experience on our side, our firm can provide you with high-quality legal representation as we work toward the most favorable results. By consulting with our firm, we can discuss your legal options with you and make recommendations for a strategy that will allow you to make an educated decision on which way to proceed.The Law Offices of Eliel Chemerinski is committed to providing comprehensive legal services and high quality representation to businesses and individuals throughout Southern Califronia, including Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and Riverside Counties.  Our goal is to effectively assist our clients in resolving their legal problems efficiently and successfully. We view ourselves as partners with our clients in the legal process with the same shared goal of looking out for what is in their best interests. We also keep our clients well-informed with their case so that our clients understand the process and can make informed decisions during their most difficult times.We are a law firm working day in and day out on helping people and businesses with from serious accidents. With over 28 years of trial experience, we guarantee you quality and personal service. 

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Attorney Eliel Chemerinski and his staff are committed to providing exceptional legal services for clients throughout California and the US.  We strive to provide excellent customer service and we guide you,  your family members and business through the legal process. We understand that every case is unique and we are devoted to find strategic solutions for your case.

We are a general practice law firm and we represent clients in the areas of Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Post-Conviction Relief, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Mechanic's Liens, Real Estate, Corporations, Landlord-Tenant, and Personal Injury. Our staff is bilingual and Attorney Chemerinski is a native of Argentina so we understand and are better able to serve Hispanic clients as well as international clients from all other backgrounds.

Timing is important to every case. If you need legal representation, contact us immediately. We offer different payment options that fit your budget. You are not alone. Whether you have a criminal, business or personal injury case let Chemerinski handle your case. For more information call us now at 818-990-9977 or email us at